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Discover how we work  Our philosophy is focused on respect for values in  order to provide customer satisfaction. Our passion,  expertise and experience allow us to offer you a high  quality finished product, in which everything is  handmade by following the traditional techniques. 
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"Returning the beauty and the value to the furniture of the past and creating unique and finest pieces of style furniture during four generations of cabinetmakers"
We make furniture  We are specialists in manufacturing of style furniture  made with high quality materials, resulting in pieces  that are both prestigious and exclusives. We produce  reliable copies of period furniture of many diverse  styles. Have a look to our stock to find your unique piece  or ask us for custom made furniture. 
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Marquetry & inlay for interior design  We consider marquetry and inlay as very versatile  techniques for decoration due to the extremely wide  variety of patterns. We offer you our expertise and  creativity using them for interior design projects. 
We restore historical furniture  made by famous cabinetmakers  With us your piece of art will be safely  restored. This is guarantee by our broad  experience in restoration of furniture  stamped by renowned French cabinetmakers  from XVII and XVIII centuries.
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Whatever project you have, do  not hesitate to contact us to  get advice. Moreover, we offer  you a free quote for your  restoration project. We are always committed to  provide a courteous and fully  personalized service in order  to always respect our client's  needs and requests. 
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Four generations of woodcraftmans We are guided by the passion  of cabinetmaking handed  down through four generations  of artisans. We have acquired  extensive experience in  restoring and creating the  most beautiful pieces of period  furniture, as well as in working  for clients from many different  countries.
We restore furniture  A. Bernal & S. Hohl specializes in restoration of period  furniture of diverse styles. The attention we give to detail  during the process of restoration is reflected in the  exceptional quality of our work that will meet and exceed  your expectations.
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